Missed beta reductions

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 27 07:55:02 UTC 2018

Yes, it’s possible that he sequence you are seeing is what is happening to you.  But why is that not what you want to see?  What are you trying to achieve?

Since this function might be applied to many different arguments, it’s probably not a good idea to do anything unconditionally…


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Subject: RE: Missed beta reductions

Hmmm. So you think maybe it's doing something like (roughly; I don't have the exact case in front of me)

(\p q -> f p (g p q)) this that

==> beta reduce

  p = this
  q = that
in f p (g p q)

==> inline q

  p = this
in f p (g p that)

I tried marking the "this" in question INLINE CONLIKE [0]. Shouldn't that tell GHC that duplicating it is fine? I really want to see it for RULES.

David Feuer
Well-Typed, LLP

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GHC always beta-reduces.

It does not always inline.   For that: -ddump-inlinings


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Subject: Missed beta reductions

What's the best way to find spots where GHC saw a redex and choose not to beta reduce? Is there a flag for that? It could be useful when trying to figure out why rules aren't firing.

David Feuer
Well-Typed, LLP
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