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I'll add that another place where mutation occurs is when demanding an unevaluated thunk (this acts like a read barrier). This once-written property of thunk objects is handled specially by the garbage collector [1].

[1] <>  (I believe this is current version in GHC's master branch)

> On Mar 10, 2018, at 12:42 PM, Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:
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>> Hi all,
> Hi,
>> I have a few questions about heap-allocated memory pointers in GHC.
>> Both code and data live in the heap, and both can have pointers to
>> other objects. However, according to my understanding, most
>> heap-allocated objects would be immutable. Moreover even if objects
>> might be mutated, most pointers should not be updated. I have heard
>> that the runtime system might implement several features by updating
>> pointers, but I am not sure which features are they.
> Code generally doesn't live on the dynamically-allocated heap. Rather,
> it is mmap'd immutably into the process's address space. However,
> closures, which can live in the heap, generally contain pointers to
> code and can indeed be mutated.
>> My question is thus: (1) is there a way to trace mutations of heap
>> objects (for instance by modifying the GC system code) [I don't need
>> to know what is the change, all I want to know is what has been
>> changed],
> Indeed it is possible. The RTS already tracks most mutations via a write
> barrier to ensure safety of its generational GC. See the recordMutable
> macro defined in Cmm.h.
>> and (2) is there a way where I could trace pointer updates
>> [in this case I'd like to know both the old and objects, preferably by
>> name]? More specifically, are these possible by annotating/changing
>> the runtime system only (i.e. not touching code generation)?
> This will be a fair bit harder, requiring modification of the RTS's
> mutation operations (see PrimOps.cmm and Updates.cmm) at very least.
> Cheers,
> - Ben
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