Plan for GHC 8.6.1

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Jun 24 15:11:02 UTC 2018

Moritz Angermann <moritz at> writes:

> Hi,
> I would almost go as far as saying 8.6 will work with LLVM4-6. GHC llvm codegen
> is really only dependent on the textual IR, and even there only on the parts we
> use.  This used to be an issue, where LLVMs textual IR changed quite a bit, but
> it looks like it hasn't for the last few releases.
> This of course does not insulate us from bugs in LLVM itself, which might or 
> might not affect us.
> Maybe we can be a bit more lenient with respect to LLVM versions?
I would really prefer not to be. We put in place the current policy for
a few good reasons: not only was keeping up with the syntactic changes
in a compatible way tiresome, but various sets of LLVM bugs meant
significantly more work during ticket triage.

While the relative syntactic stability of the last few LLVM releases may
reduce the relevance of the first reason, the second reason holds just
as well today as it did two years ago.


- Ben

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