Add taggedTrace to Debug.Trace

Yuji Yamamoto whosekiteneverfly at
Wed Jun 6 23:45:04 UTC 2018

Nice to meet you, GHC Developers!
I'm new to contributing to GHC.

Today let me suggest new APIs of the Debug.Trace
module, named:

   - taggedTraceShowId :: Show a => String -> a -> a
   - taggedTraceWith :: (a -> String) -> String -> a -> a

These are inspired by Elm's Debug.log
The prefix "tagged" is named after its argument

I mean, these new APIs prepend a string as a tag to the output by
traceShowId etc.
It helps us recognize what the printed values stand for.
I frequently want such functions and write them manually or copy-and-paste
from the Debug.TraceUtils.
I'm tired of that. That's why I made this suggestion.

*Comparison with the existing solution*

   - Debug.TraceUtils
      - Essentially, this suggestion is to add APIs already implemented by
      - As the document of TraceUtils suggests, we can copy and paste the
      functions from its source, but it's still tiresome.
   - Combine Debug.Trace.traceShowId with Debug.Trace.trace:
      - e.g. trace "Tag" $ traceShowId x
      - A bit hard to type.
      - trace always prints a newline, which makes it difficult to tell the
      tags from the printed value.

After receiving some feedback here, I'm going to submit to
Thanks in advance!

Yuji Yamamoto
twitter: @igrep
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