GitLab Migration

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Dec 21 16:55:51 UTC 2018

Ara Adkins <me at> writes:

> Hey All,
> Sorry for my confusion, but I'm a bit unclear as to when we're meant to
> start working against the GHC repo on the instance. I
> had in mind that the cutover was intended to be the 18th, but going on
> there it still appears as if it's mirrored from Can
> somebody clarify this for me?
Sorry for the confusion. I have been reluctant to formally announce the
cut-over until CI is green but this has taken a fair bit longer than
anticipated due to the long CI cycle time. Nevertheless people have
started submitting MRs against the GitLab instance and you are more than
welcome to do so.

As far as the official upstream repository, indeed is still mirroring This
will change when I formally announce the switchover.


- Ben

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