GitLab Migration

Gabor Greif ggreif at
Thu Dec 20 17:40:59 UTC 2018

(To: Ben added directly)

Yes, still seems to mirror
https://:*****, so the cutover is not complete

OTOH, the Gitlab instance allowed me to merge a request (which did not
work yesterday), so /something/ has changed. The interesting
consequence is now that fails to sync with its master.

Another thing missing is to redirect the github mirror
(, too.



On 12/20/18, Ara Adkins <me at> wrote:
> Hey All,
> Sorry for my confusion, but I'm a bit unclear as to when we're meant to
> start working against the GHC repo on the instance. I
> had in mind that the cutover was intended to be the 18th, but going on
> there it still appears as if it's mirrored from Can
> somebody clarify this for me?
> Best,
> _ara

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