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Artem Pelenitsyn a.pelenitsyn at
Thu Dec 6 15:07:21 UTC 2018

Hello devs,

I've been working on a short survey devoted to a topic of multithreading
inside the GHC compiler and runtime. So far I was mostly looking at the
following three papers

[1] P. W. Trinder, K. Hammond, J. S. Mattson, Jr., A. S. Partridge, and S.
L. Peyton Jones. Gum: A portable parallel implementation of Haskell.  PLDI

[2] Tim Harris, Simon Marlow, and Simon Peyton Jones. Haskell on a
shared-memory multiprocessor. Haskell ’05

[3] Simon Marlow, Simon Peyton Jones, and Satnam Singh. Runtime support for
multicore Haskell. ICFP ’09

Can you suggest any other papers adding insights on how GHC uses multiple
capabilities for anything from GC to the implementation of
Parallel/Concurrent Haskell? Perhaps, something more recent than the above,
but preferably published in academic venues.

The survey is meant to be of interest for systems folks. Therefore, I'm not
paying so much attention to the programming model and how it is used in

Best wishes,
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