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Sat Dec 1 21:18:27 UTC 2018

tl;dr. Have a look at [1], feel free to submit merge requests, issues,
       comments, code review, etc. Some documentation describing
       a few common tasks can be found here[2].

       However, be aware that we this is not the final instance and will
       be cleared before the final migration in around two weeks.

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago I wrote to this list proposing that we consider moving
GHC's development infrastructure to GitLab. While the original proposal
provided a small test instance to play with, it wasn't complete enough
to use in earnest.

Today I would like to announce the availability of for your perusal and usage. While
this is not the final migrated instance, it does have all of the
features that one can expect from the final migration. These include,

 * a full import of Trac tickets (as of last week), including

 * continuous integration via CircleCI

 * mirrors of all boot libraries

 * the ability to login using GitHub credentials

There are a few issues that we are still working on sorting out:

 * the timestamps associated with ticket open and close events aren't
   quite right

 * some milestone changes aren't properly imported

 * CircleCI currently fails on forks (this should be resolved shortly)

 * we currently don't import Trac Wiki pages

All of these issues have either already been resolved in the import tool
or are in-progress.

# The plan moving forward

The goal of this instance is to allow contributors to gain experience
using GitLab and identify potential friction points. Towards that end,
please do make good use of it. In particular we are interested in

 * workflows that will become harder under GitLab (and ways that we
   could improve these)

 * remaining issues in the Trac import

 * areas lacking in documentation

Please do let us know if you encounter any of the above.

Ultimately the goal remains to cut over to GitLab on December 18. This
will require that we bring down this instance for roughly a day to seed
it with a new import. Note that we will not make any attempt to preserve
any comments, merge requests, or issues created on this instance.


- Ben

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