Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Aug 30 11:19:29 UTC 2018

Sigh.  As an inconvenient workaround, I tried adding {-# OPTIONS_GHC -dverbose-core2core #-} to GHC.Real, and then doing
        cabal new-run hadrian -- -c -j4 --flavour=quick --directory=".."
in hadrian/
That did recompile GHC.Real - but all the debug output disappeared!
I tried adding {-# OPTIONS_GHC -ddebug-output #-} as well, but that didn't work.
I'm stuck - any ideas?

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Subject: Hadrian

Alp, Andrey
The old build system printed out every command line; and I often copy-paste that info to build single modules.
Eg currently, when trying to understand #15570 I see a suspicious GHC.Real.hi.  So I want to manually recompile GHC.Real (from base), adding some debug flags.  How can I get the right command line to do that from the build log?
Where is the "how to use Hadrian" wiki page?  I know you've been writing one.
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