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On Tue, Aug 21, 2018, 3:39 AM Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at>

> Actually I'm confused.  Currently we have
> data StableName a = StableName (StableName# a)
> I believe (but there is no documentation to state) that the (StableName#
> a)
>  * Has kind (TYPE UnliftedRep)
>  * Is the index of the entry in the Stable Name Table
> But if it's the index, why isn't it an IntRep?  UnliftedRep is for
> pointers?

That's explained in the paper. A StableName# is a pointer to a stable name
object in the heap that *contains* an index into the stable name table.
Basically, the garbage collector needs to know whether a stable name is
alive or not, so it can work out when to clear it from the table.

> Moreover eqStableName# :: StableName# a -> StableName# b -> Bool
> is directly implemented in the code generator (StgCmmPrim) by an equality
> comparison.
> If these things are correct, it would be great to write them down in a
> Note.
> And if they are right, I'm now lost about what you question is.  Equality
> is
> /already/ implemented by direct equality comparison, no?

It's currently implemented by an equality test on the indices stored in the
stable name objects, rather than the pointers to those objects, if I'm not
very much mistaken.
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