Starting hacking on GHC

Andrew Rmnsky rmansorokin at
Mon Aug 13 13:57:41 UTC 2018

Hello everyone! I would like to contribute to GHC, but I don't know where
to start (I have built it already from the source). I'd be happy if someone
gave me a piece of advice on what task I should pick for the beginning.

A few words about my background:
CS student, 4-th grade, have some experience with Haskell (I had a course
on Haskell in my university where I studied some theory like Monoids,
Functors, Applicatives Monads, Monad Transformers, Lens, basics of parallel
and concurrent programming in Haskell and I have solved some algorithmic
problems. I also practiced developing small web-apps with Haskell, using
warp, aeson, postgresql-simple and some other libraries.

Looking forward for your replies. Thank you in advance!

Andrew Romanovsky.
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