[GHC] #9476: Implement late lambda-lifting

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 22:11:25 UTC 2018

I'm happy this is seeing some attention! I've habitually over promised on
this and feel bad about that. My work-life-hobby programming balance has
remained a mystery to me.

Even so, I'll give what answers I can to any questions that come up. I
remember ultimately getting stuck on trying to identify a broadly useful
heuristic: there are lots of possible parameters to tune and I was seeing
massive run time differences for nofib cases on different CPU architectures
for equivalent LLF parameters. I never managed to get a good handle on the
crucial independent variables (e.g. code cache sizes, RTS parameters, etc).
I'm hoping the join point work revealed some easier wins. Best of luck and
don't hesitate to ping me with questions. Hope I can help.

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> #9476: Implement late lambda-lifting
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>         Reporter:  simonpj           |                Owner:  nfrisby
>             Type:  feature request   |               Status:  new
>         Priority:  normal            |            Milestone:
>        Component:  Compiler          |              Version:  7.8.2
>       Resolution:                    |             Keywords:
> Operating System:  Unknown/Multiple  |         Architecture:
>  Type of failure:  Runtime           |  Unknown/Multiple
>   performance bug                    |            Test Case:
>       Blocked By:                    |             Blocking:
>  Related Tickets:  #8763             |  Differential Rev(s):
>        Wiki Page:  LateLamLift       |
> -------------------------------------+-------------------------------------
> Comment (by simonpj):
>  OK, great.  Do keep us posted.  I think there are real wins to be had
>  here.   Nicholas's detailed wiki page identifies many of the issues very
>  clearly.
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