Plan for GHC 8.6.1

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Apr 20 00:26:38 UTC 2018

Hello fellow lazy purists,

With GHC 8.4.2 out the door, it is time to begin looking forward to
8.6.1. In keeping with our six-month release schedule, this release will
be targetted for early-September, with the stable branch being cut in
mid-to-late June.

Remarkably, this is only 6 weeks away. If you have patches that you
would like to see in 8.6.1, please do put them up on Phabricator and the
8.6.1 status page [1] in the coming weeks to ensure that there is
sufficient time for review.

If you have a patch which you are concerned won't make the cut-off, do
say something.


- Ben

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