Feedback request regarding HSOC project (bringing sanity to the GHC performance test-suite)

Ben Gamari ben at
Fri Sep 15 21:06:24 UTC 2017

Phyx <lonetiger at> writes:


Hi Phyx,

Sorry for the late reply here; Jared did a good job of summarizing the
effort. I just want to make sure that we clearly put this particular
concern to rest:

> This would be unfortunate as it would mean we would effectively stop
> tracking performance on e.g. Windows and Mac OS since the current
> implementation doesn't allow for the data to live together in the same
> repo.
The implementation as it stands does indeed allow data from multiple
platforms to live side-by-side. Each measurement from a given testsuite
run carries with it a "test environment" which is meant to allow us to
distinguish between various operating system/architecture/hardware
configurations. This defaults to "local" but can be overridden on the
`make test` command line. The CI builders will do this to provide with
unique, descriptive names, giving us a running history of the test
characteristics on all of our CI platforms.


- Ben
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