Simplify.hs depends on typechecker

Joachim Breitner mail at
Tue Oct 24 15:40:29 UTC 2017


while rebuilding Simplify.o only I noticed that all of the type
checker, and HsSyn stuff, and renamer stuff, and so needed to be
rebuilt, which I found strange.

After a little investigation, it seems that the simplifier depends on
CoreMonad, and that pulls some very few type-checker related things:

    import TcRnMonad        ( initTcForLookup )
    import {-# SOURCE #-} TcSplice ( lookupThName_maybe )


    thNameToGhcName :: TH.Name -> CoreM (Maybe Name)
    thNameToGhcName th_name = do
        hsc_env <- getHscEnv
        liftIO $ initTcForLookup hsc_env (lookupThName_maybe th_name)

which is not even used in GHC, but only in GHC Plugins, so this could
probably be moved to a separate module pulled in by GhcPlugins.hs


    import TcEnv            ( lookupGlobal )


    instance MonadThings CoreM where
        lookupThing name = do { hsc_env <- getHscEnv
                              ; liftIO $ lookupGlobal hsc_env name }

This might be a bit harder to disentangle. But if successful, it would
probably make building GHC in parallel quite a bit faster. And it just
seems strange to me that the Core-to-Core code should depend on the
type checker…

I’m sending this out there in case someone has dug in that direction
before and has insights to share.


(Attached is a transitively reduced dependency graph of Simplify.hs,
created using Iavor’s

Joachim “nomeata” Breitner
  mail at
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