GHC HEAD now needs extra tools to build libffi?

Thomas Jakway tjakway at
Sun Oct 8 21:31:26 UTC 2017

I'm on Ubuntu 16.10.

I ran git bisect:


e515c7f37be97e1c2ccc497ddd0a730e63ddfa82 is the first bad commit
commit e515c7f37be97e1c2ccc497ddd0a730e63ddfa82
Author: Moritz Angermann <moritz.angermann at>
Date:   Sat Sep 30 09:31:12 2017 -0400

Allow libffi snapshots

This is rather annoying. I'd prefer to have a stable release to
use. However libffi-3.2.1 has been released November 12, 2014, and
libffi-4 is TBD. See also

The core reason for this change is that llvm changed the supported
assembly to unified syntax, which libffi-3.2.1 does not use, and hence
fails to compile for arm with llvm. For refence, see the following

This diff contains a script to generate a tarball for the
`libffi-tarballs` repository from the libffi GitHub repository; as well
as the necessary changes to the build system.

Updates libffi-tarballs submodule.

Reviewers: austin, bgamari, hvr

Subscribers: hvr, erikd, rwbarton, thomie

Differential Revision:


I can't reproduce it on my other linux computers though.

On 10/04/2017 02:17 PM, Ben Gamari wrote:
> Thomas Jakway <tjakway at> writes:
>> Anyone else getting linker errors?
>> This is after running
>> make clean && make distclean && find . -name "*.o" -type f -delete &&
>> find . -name "*.hi" -type f -delete
>> then
>> ./boot && ./configure && make -j5
>> (ghc-new is not a new checkout, this error is happening on a branch I'm
>> working on, but one that doesn't touch the FFI)
> I'm afraid I can't reproduce this. What platform/operating system is
> this on?
> Cheers,
> - Ben

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