Windows build broken

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Wed Oct 4 12:41:01 UTC 2017

Iā€™m in a shell inside emacs.
My $SHELL variable (which emacs uses to invoke it) is

Should it be something else?

run 'export MSYSTEM=MINGW64' to change subsystem.

That worked.  Should I add it to my .bashrc, or are you going to do something else?


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Subject: Re: Windows build broken

Hi Simon,

You seem to be in an msys shell instead of a mingw-64 shell (they have different startup shortcuts). We don't support the msys shell as we only want to compile for native windows.

You should use the shortcut marked mingw-64.

Alternatively to get you going in aclocal.m4 remove line 112.


run 'export MSYSTEM=MINGW64' to change subsystem.

The recent llvm changes now force the host validation on all targets, I'll add msys when I get home.

Kind regards,


On Wed, Oct 4, 2017, 11:19 Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at<mailto:ghc-devs at>> wrote:
My Windows build is broken again.  With a clean checkout, I get ā€œā€

Target platform inferred as: x86_64-unknown-mingw32

Unknown OS msys
How can I get past this?  Full log below.

make[1]: Leaving directory '/c/code/HEAD/testsuite'

['libraries/array/', 'libraries/base/', 'libraries/binary/', 'libraries/bytestring/', 'libraries/Cabal/Cabal', 'libraries/Cabal/', 'libraries/compact/', 'libraries/containers/', 'libraries/deepseq/', 'libraries/directory/', 'libraries/doc/', 'libraries/dph/dph-base', 'libraries/dph/dph-prim-interface', 'libraries/dph/dph-prim-seq', 'libraries/dph/dph-prim-par', 'libraries/dph/dph-lifted-base', 'libraries/dph/dph-lifted-boxed', 'libraries/dph/dph-lifted-copy', 'libraries/dph/dph-lifted-vseg', 'libraries/dph/', 'libraries/dph/', 'libraries/filepath/', 'libraries/ghc-boot/', 'libraries/ghc-boot-th/', 'libraries/ghc-compact/', 'libraries/ghc-prim/', 'libraries/ghci/', 'libraries/haskeline/', 'libraries/hoopl/', 'libraries/hpc/', 'libraries/integer-gmp/', 'libraries/integer-simple/', 'libraries/mtl/', 'libraries/parallel/', 'libraries/parsec/', 'libraries/pretty/', 'libraries/primitive/', 'libraries/process/', 'libraries/random/', 'libraries/stm/', 'libraries/template-haskell/', 'libraries/terminfo/', 'libraries/text/', 'libraries/time/', 'libraries/transformers/', 'libraries/unix/', 'libraries/vector/', 'libraries/Win32/', 'libraries/xhtml/']

Creating libraries/array/<>

Creating libraries/base/<>

Creating libraries/binary/<>

Creating libraries/bytestring/<>

Creating libraries/Cabal/Cabal/<>

Creating libraries/containers/<>

Creating libraries/deepseq/<>

Creating libraries/directory/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-base/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-prim-interface/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-prim-seq/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-prim-par/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-lifted-base/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-lifted-boxed/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-lifted-copy/<>

Creating libraries/dph/dph-lifted-vseg/<>

Creating libraries/filepath/<>

Creating libraries/ghc-boot/<>

Creating libraries/ghc-boot-th/<>

Creating libraries/ghc-compact/<>

Creating libraries/ghc-prim/<>

Creating libraries/ghci/<>

Creating libraries/haskeline/<>

Creating libraries/hoopl/<>

Creating libraries/hpc/<>

Creating libraries/integer-gmp/<>

Creating libraries/integer-simple/<>

Creating libraries/mtl/<>

Creating libraries/parallel/<>

Creating libraries/parsec/<>

Creating libraries/pretty/<>

Creating libraries/primitive/<>

Creating libraries/process/<>

Creating libraries/random/<>

Creating libraries/stm/<>

Creating libraries/template-haskell/<>

Creating libraries/terminfo/<>

Creating libraries/text/<>

Creating libraries/time/<>

Creating libraries/transformers/<>

Creating libraries/unix/<>

Creating libraries/vector/<>

Creating libraries/Win32/<>

Creating libraries/xhtml/<>

Booting .

Booting libraries/base/

Booting libraries/directory/

Booting libraries/integer-gmp/

Booting libraries/process/

Booting libraries/terminfo/

Booting libraries/time/

Booting libraries/unix/

checking for gfind... no

checking for find... /usr/bin/find

checking for sort... /usr/bin/sort

checking for GHC version date... inferred 8.3.20171004

checking for GHC Git commit id... inferred 3030eee24c9d538f7ae2c854fd86129563b6ddf3

checking for ghc... /c/fp/ghc-8.0.2/bin/ghc

checking version of ghc... 8.0.2

GHC path canonicalised to: c:/fp/ghc-8.0.2/bin/ghc

checking build system type... x86_64-pc-msys

checking host system type... x86_64-pc-msys

checking target system type... x86_64-pc-msys

Build platform inferred as: x86_64-unknown-mingw32

Host platform inferred as: x86_64-unknown-mingw32

Target platform inferred as: x86_64-unknown-mingw32

Unknown OS msys

/c/code/HEAD$ git pull

Already up-to-date.

/c/code/HEAD$ git submodule update

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