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Mon Oct 2 22:08:09 UTC 2017

And the solution to get email notifications is quite simple in fact:
just add Richard to the ghc GitHub org! Or just as simple: Richard
(and indeed anyone else on the Internet) can fork the ghc/ghc repo on
GitHub and just needs to click one button at (the "Projects" tab) to
add the forked ghc repo and get CircleCI email notifications on push.

For users publishing PR's via GitHub, as-is CircleCI already annotates
PR's with the outcome of the build.

Once again, it took me all of two hours to set this up. It would take
me another two hours to add macOS to the mix. CircleCI or Travis CI
(and Appveyor for Windows) is what most of our clients use, including
those with very large codebases comparable in size to GHC. I submit
that development resources on GHC are too scarce to "eventually have
Mathieu Boespflug
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On 2 October 2017 at 19:56, Richard Eisenberg <rae at> wrote:
>> On Oct 2, 2017, at 1:15 PM, Joachim Breitner <mail at> wrote:
>> Well, eventually we will have Jenkins and All Is Wellâ„¢.
> But in the meantime, I can push to my branch and then manually check CircleCI a little while later and get meaningful results, which is much better than we've had in some time. Email would just be icing on the cake -- I'm quite happy as is.
> Thanks!
> Richard
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