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Am Donnerstag, den 28.09.2017, 17:46 -0400 schrieb Richard Eisenberg:
> I just tried to get on board this new train. But I can't seem to
> figure out how to "follow" ghc. I signed up through my GitHub
> account, but CircleCI doesn't seem to want me to follow an open-
> source project with which I have no formal association in GitHub.
> Joachim, it seemed you unlocked this capability. How? It'd be lovely
> to get notifications of builds on ghc's wip/rae branch, in
> particular.

it seems that one cannot simply make CircleCI notify the committer that
 broke something:

The summary seems to be:
 * only CircleCI users can sign up for notifications, and they have to
   so actively (and it’s non trivial, judging from Richard’s struggle)
 * Even then, the only options are:
   “Send me a personalized email for every build in my projects.”
   which certainly too much spam and
   “Send me a personalized email every time a build on a branch I've 
   pushed to fails; also once they're fixed.”
   which might be what most people want.
   It is not clear how I can get a mail when someone else broke master…

Well, eventually we will have Jenkins and All Is Well™.

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