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Andrey Mokhov andrey.mokhov at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue May 9 23:38:25 UTC 2017

Hi Ben and all,

I'm strongly in favour of switching GHC to Hadrian as soon as possible, because just keeping up with changes in GHC takes substantial effort. Zhen Zhang (in CC) has been recently helping me, and I hope he could make good progress towards this goal as part of his Summer of Haskell project (I believe he submitted an application).

Switching will likely be a painful process for GHC developers, because some of the usual workflows will inevitably break. We could keep both Make and Hadrian in the tree for some period of time, but maintaining two completely different build systems is only feasible for a short period of time.


Could I ask you to go through the open issues (https://github.com/snowleopard/hadrian/issues) and tag them with the 'tree-tremble' milestone if you think they must be implemented before the merge? I don't hack on GHC myself, so it's often difficult for me to judge the relative importance of features; it would be great if you could also tag the issues with priorities (I've just created tags high-/medium-/low-priority).


Please contribute to the discussions on the minimum set of features that Hadrian should support before it can replace Make in this thread: https://github.com/snowleopard/hadrian/issues/239. 

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Hi Andrey,

Given that 8.2.1 is finally starting to come together, now is probably a
good time to start reflecting on what will come in 8.4. I think it would
be great if we could finally get Hadrian into the tree for the 8.4
release. It would be even better if we could flip over to Hadrian as the
primary build system. However, if we are to do this then I think we
should leave plenty of time to iron out the inevitable bugs that will

Have you given much thought to the schedule post-8.2? Do you think a
complete switch-over will be feasible?


- Ben

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