GHC API user: How to stop simplifier from turning recursive let-bindings into mutually recursive functions

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon May 8 14:12:27 UTC 2017

Christiaan Baaij <christiaan.baaij at> writes:

> Hello GHC Devs,

> So my question are:
> - Which part of the simplifier is turning these local recursive let-binders
> into global recursive functions?

The simplifier does a bit of let floating. See Simplify.simplLazyBind
and SimplEnv.doFloatFromRhs. I suspect this is what you are seeing.

> - Is there some way to disable this transformation?

You could try adding a flag which is checked by doFloatFromRhs. I'm not
sure what, if anything, might break if you do so.


- Ben
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