Windows build failing in a new way

Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Mar 9 21:18:55 UTC 2017

Ben Gamari <ben at> writes:

> lonetiger at writes:
>> Ah great,
>> Triples again.. I still wonder why it is suddenly an issue. We haven’t
>> touched the .m4 file in a while and no one changed libffi either
>> right? This is just like last time the normalization bit us. Causing
>> days of broken builds on different targets while everyone fixed the
>> one they were interested in.
> Well, the patch that Reid points out indeed does change the triple which
> we pass to subproject configures. However, I have been utterly unable to
> reproduce this locally nor on the Harbormaster machine (both with
> ./validate).
> Nevertheless, I have a hypothesis for the cause and a proposed fix in
> D3304.
I believe at this point Harbormaster has demonstrated [1] that the fix
is effective. I'll go ahead and merge.


- Ben

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