GHC's module hierarchy

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Thu Jun 15 07:41:40 UTC 2017

Dear ghc-devs
hsyl20 proposes a radical overhaul of the module structure of GHC itself.  He or she suggested it six months ago in
and has now offered a monster patch
It's clearly the result of a lot of work, but I was the only one who responded on the original ticket, and it'll affect all of your lives in a very immediate way.
So, would you like to

*        consider the idea

*        look at the actual re-mapping of modules hsyl20 proposals

*        express an opinion about whether to go ahead
Probably the ticket, rather than Phab, is the best place to comment on the general idea.
I'd like to thank hsyl20.  GHC's rather flat module structure has grown incrementally over years.
But still, there are pros and cons.
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