Which stable GHC release is expected to have support for linear types?

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang-it at jeltsch.info
Thu Jul 13 23:48:59 UTC 2017

Am Freitag, den 14.07.2017, 09:26 +1000 schrieb Mike Ledger:
> How about: -+
> It almost looks arrow like if you squint, and have a font that lines
> up the horizontal lines.
Interesting idea. Seems pretty good to me. It does not only look arrow-
like, but also similar to the lollipop (⊸).
Let’s try it out:
> fmap :: Functor f => (a -+ b) -> f a -+ f b
Yes, this looks quite nice. Let’s compare it to the Unicode version:
> fmap ∷ Functor f ⇒ (a ⊸ b) → (f a ⊸ f b)
They look similar indeed. 😉
All the best,
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