Lazy ST vs concurrency

David Feuer david at
Mon Jan 30 22:25:17 UTC 2017

On Monday, January 30, 2017 9:50:56 PM EST Simon Marlow wrote:

> Unfortunately the mechanisms we have right now to fix it aren't ideal -
> noDuplicate# is a bigger hammer than we need.

Do you think you could explain this a bit more? What aspect of nuDuplicate# is 
overkill? What does it guard against that can't happen here?

> All we really need is some
> way to make a thunk atomic, it would require some special entry code to the
> thunk which did atomic eager-blackholing.  Hmm, now that I think about it,
> perhaps we could just have a flag, -fatomic-eager-blackholing.

If it's possible to use a primop to do this "locally", I think it would be 
very nice to get that as well as a global flag. If it affects code generation 
in an inherently global fashion, then of course we'll just have to live with 
that, and lots of NOINLINE.


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