Next steps of the trac-to-maniphest migration?

Matthew Pickering matthewtpickering at
Sat Jan 21 22:21:36 UTC 2017

Hello devs,

Thanks to everyone so far who has looked at and commented on the
prototype. It seems that the response is generally positive so I would
like to drive the process forwards.

In order for that to happen, someone needs to decide whether we as a
community think it is a good idea. It seems to make sense if those who
use the tracker most make this decision so I propose that Simon and
Ben should ultimately be the ones to do this.

Therefore, I propose this timeline

1. Before 11th Feb (3 weeks from today) we decide whether we want to
migrate the issue tracker.
2. A working group is established who will work through the details of
the migration with the minimum of a final prototype built from a clone
of the actual installation.
3. Migration would happen before the end of March.

I think Ben summarised the discussions quite well on the wiki page -

And the prototype continues to exist here.

As always, any comments welcome.


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