[Diffusion] [Build Failed] rGHCb78fa759bfb4: Simplify and improve CSE

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 20 23:36:21 UTC 2017

I should have made it clearer that my "just below" measurement was *before* my patch.   So the situation before was just on the borderline, on my machine anyway.  (And the situation afterwards is still below the borderline on my machine, just not on harbourmaster.)


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I'm sorry about all these Phab failures.  I'm struggling with arc, and so committing directly.  It all validates fine on my machine.

They seem to be all about T1969.  It validates fine on my machine.  But only just!  On my machine I get peak_megabytes = 64; but on Harbormaster it seems to be 65 or 66.

But I think 64 is *just* within the 20% margin from 55, and 65 is just outside.   The increase might well be peak-memory sampling noise.

Anyway it looks as if the 20% increase all occurred some time ago.  Maybe we should look at when and why?

But meanwhile, Ben/Reid/David, if you agree that the increase is some time ago, would you like to re-centre the number and (maybe) open a ticket to find where the increase actually happened.

I have to go home now... apologies.


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Subject: [Diffusion] [Build Failed] rGHCb78fa759bfb4: Simplify and improve CSE

Harbormaster failed to build B13285: rGHCb78fa759bfb4: Simplify and improve CSE!


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