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Yes, do take  a look at this.  It’s a fairly direct implementation of the paper “Compiling without continuations<>”.  You should definitely read the paper first; it’ll set the scene.

I am really hoping to get this into 8.2.  It’s a significant step forward in GHC’s optimisation pipeline.

I’ve reviewed quite a bit of the code with Luke, but you should feel free to say “couldn’t this be simpler?” where you get confused or stuck.  Unlike, say, type-in-type (!) it’s not that hard, and there should not be anything really obscure.

I’m sure there are ways to make it simpler and better.  (That’s why I am endlessly refactoring GHC.)  So review away.

Thank you Luke!


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Hello all! For your consideration, I present patch D2853: Join points.

It validates* and it's ready for wider reviewing, so please help me get it to land before the freeze!

It's ... sizable. There's not really any way to split it, since there are many interdependencies. I've put up a "tour" as part of the SequentCore page on the wiki:

This should help with where to start. Also included on the wiki are benchmarks and lots of general information.

*Modulo a few long URLs and a known bug (D2964).

- Luke Maurer
University of Oregon
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