Trac to Phabricator (Maniphest) migration prototype

Richard Eisenberg rae at
Wed Jan 4 03:15:28 UTC 2017

On 1/3/17 6:32 PM, Matthew Pickering wrote:
> The version field is not very useful as there are only two active
> branches at once. Instead we want a project which marks tickets which
> apply to the 8.0.2 branch for example. Tickets which refer to ancient
> versions of GHC should be closed if they can't be reproduced with
> HEAD. It is also not used very often, only updated on about 600
> tickets.
I strongly disagree here. It is not uncommon to have a user report a bug 
against an old version of GHC. When the reporter sets a version of, say, 
7.6.3 these days, we know that the bug is quite clearly old and may 
already be fixed.
> I'm also skeptical about how useful the component field is. I've never
> personally used it and it is not accurate for the majority of tickets.
> If someone disagrees then please say but it is really not used very
> much.
I use the Template Haskell component field to quickly search for all TH 
tickets. That said, the line between Component and Keyword is very murky 
and ought to be straightened out. I'm thus not against scrapping 
Component, but I wouldn't want data loss during the conversion: an 
updated Component field should be retained as a tag.


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