Datacon RULES test

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri Feb 24 08:47:50 UTC 2017

NB: the actual ticket Trac #12689 is /not/ about rules /for/ data cons.  It's about rules that /match/ datacons.  It's only the latter I object to.  The test T12689 sort of snuck in there under false pretences :-).

Also I'm not permanently set against rules for datacons.  It's just that I think there are equally good ways to achieve the same thing, and it smells wrong to me: we should hesitate before making passive data into active stuff.  (And I think we have more urgent things to do.)  


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|  For good or ill, Simon doesn't want RULES for datacons. T12689 has to be
|  removed (leaving T12689a, which is still fine). But I don't know enough
|  about what you're doing with T12689broken to know how to make it express the
|  right idea after this change. Can you please advise?
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