MSYS2 update (those who build on Windows please read)

Phyx lonetiger at
Mon Feb 20 15:58:58 UTC 2017

Hi Windows devs,

February comes with a major change in behavior for MSYS2/Cygwin.
Tools such as awk/sed etc now use binary mode unless on a text mount:

This is problematic because GHC etc only use the underlying OS to determine
how to output line endings. As such we output \r\n but in sed et al $ will
no longer match line endings. Which means out scripts are currently broken.

Do not upgrade your MSYS2 install until a workaround for this is in place
or you will be unable to compile GHC.

If you have updated your MSYS2 then using a text mount may be the easiest
option to get a working build again. As it seems just downgrading the tools
alone is not enough.

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