Trac #13255

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Fri Feb 17 16:48:00 UTC 2017

I've just rebuilt that branch from scratch.  I see

Unexpected failures:

   /tmp/ghctest-q4hnbi/test   spaces/./codeGen/should_run/  cgrun057 [bad stderr] (profasm)

   /tmp/ghctest-q4hnbi/test   spaces/./profiling/should_run/   T2592 [bad stderr] (profasm)

   /tmp/ghctest-q4hnbi/test   spaces/./profiling/should_run/  scc001 [bad profile] (profasm)
(I wish the test suite trimmed off those long paths in the summary...grr)
Of these

*         T2592 is the strange repeated heap-exhaustion thing

*         scc001 looks like a harmless re-ordering but I don't know why

*         cgrun057 has this diff

-*** Exception (reporting due to +RTS -xc): (THUNK_STATIC), stack trace:

+*** Exception (reporting due to +RTS -xc): (THUNK_2_0), stack trace:
I guess harmless.

From: Simon Peyton Jones
Sent: 17 February 2017 15:12
To: Ben Gamari <ben at>
Cc: ghc-devs <ghc-devs at>
Subject: Trac #13255

I have pushed a fix for #13255 (blocking the release) to wip/T13255-spj
It contains a series of patches, of which the important one is the last.  But Phabbing them exceeded my skill level.
I'm rebuilding yet again, but I got a couple of strange testsuite errors.  Here is one

T2592: Heap exhausted;

T2592: Current maximum heap size is 1048576 bytes (1 MB).

T2592: Use `+RTS -M<size>' to increase it.

+T2592: Heap exhausted;

+T2592: Current maximum heap size is 1048576 bytes (1 MB).

+T2592: Use `+RTS -M<size>' to increase it.

Why would the identical message (from the RTS) now be printed twice?  I'm baffled.
Maybe a clean build will help.
Meanwhile I'm out of time.  Can I hand the branch off to you to complete and merge?
Get back to me if problems.
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