Alex install failure

Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Aug 24 12:52:39 UTC 2017

Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:

> | Hmm. Here's a shot in the dark: is home home directory mounted via NFS by
> | any chance?
> Direct hit! (for the shot in the dark). Yes it's NFS mounted I think.
> So what?

Hi Simon,

Sorry for the rather belated reply; I was knocked off my feet for a few
days by a rather nasty tetanus vaccination.

Anyways, I have a patch which I suspect will help. It seems that some
NFS implementations incur a rather long delay (order of seconds) between
the time a file handle is closed and an open flock lock on the handle
being released. I suspect this delay won't exist in cases where we
explicitly funlock before closing the file handle.

I have implemented this in wip/ghc-pkg-locking. Do you think you could
give this branch a try? If it still fails then we'll have to try to
debug things in-situ.


- Ben
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