Failing Test Cases in HEAD

Shayan Najd sh.najd at
Mon Aug 14 13:51:31 UTC 2017

In a freshly cloned GHC code base (c6462ab0...), in my system,`make test
TEST="T13780c T13822"` fails.
That is while `./validate` passes.

I am rather new to GHC code base, and not so familiar with its build and
testing system.
So I was wondering whether this is an intended behaviour (e.g., some test
cases are intentionally left out of `./validate`).

Specifically, I follow the following steps:
(1) `git clone --recursive git://`
(2) `cd ghc`
(3) `cp mk/ mk/`
(4) set `BuildFlavour = devel2` and then
(5) ./boot
(6) ./configure
(7) make -j4
(8) make test TEST="T13780c T13822"

I build in a variant of the docker image for GHC development on Linux (64
bit), if it matters.

As it seems, Alan also gets the similar result on his system.

I am investigating this, since my development of Growable ASTs is stalled
due to some "GHC panic bug" when validating.
(In my repo[1], I can successfully build with steps (2)-(7) above but
`./validate` (and `make test TEST="T13780c T13822"`) fails)


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