Windows 10 Creators Update will break GHC (Was FW: GHC on Windows 10 15019+)

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Apr 4 14:11:06 UTC 2017

Phyx <lonetiger at> writes:

> We have discussed a few options on what to do, but haven't gotten a
> conclusion/concensus yet.
Tamar and I have discussed this on IRC in the passed. I tend to agree
that we will need to, at the very least, put out a new 8.0.2. I'm not
sure about 7.10. Moreover, there is reportedly a non-negligible fraction
of users still using 7.8 releases, although I'm not keen on going back
that far given that this was pre-submodules.

> Last we talked one option was presented to just re-tar the 7.10.3 and 8.0.2
> tarballs with the fix. The gcc wrapper does not affect code generation of
> the compiler, it's just there to correct paths that are hard-coded in gcc
> because it was built to be used in MSYS2.
> 7.10.3 would be needed since we still support bootstrapping using it. This
> would be the easiest solution.
> Ben what do you think about changing the already released tarballs? Or
> would you prefer a full new release?
We certainly can't change the existing tarballs. However, we could just
push out a 7.10.4 (or perhaps 7.10.3b, I'm unsure) release with binary
distributions for Windows only. There are a few unrelated patches on the
ghc-7.10 branch that weren't present in 7.10.3, but I believe they are
quite low-risk.


- Ben
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