Translation of GHC typechecker output to haskell-src-exts's 'Type'

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Apr 2 16:18:52 UTC 2017

Tom Sydney Kerckhove <syd.kerckhove at> writes:

> On 02-04-17 14:40:05, Tom Sydney Kerckhove wrote:
>> Is there a way to access the types before this translation happens?
>> It's okay if I have to assume that type-checking succeeds...
> I have found a way to do what I want, even after this translation.
> It relies on the fact that type class constraints always occur on the
> left side of the result of splitFunTy.
Yep, that is what I would do as well.

> Thank you for your help!
No worries and good luck.


- Ben

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