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Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Sep 29 01:37:07 UTC 2016

Moritz Angermann <moritz at> writes:

> I don't think Phabricator tries to be or emulate fit in any way; I
> think this is a misconception. The way I see it, phabricator is just a
> glorified diff-dump, which is supposed to work with any VCS in
> principle.
> All that arc essentially does is, compute the diff from an offset
> (e.g. master) to the current HEAD and upload that to a new or existing
> (--update) differential. It also adds some meta information about the
> range, such that arc patch supposedly knows into which commit to apply
> the patch to.
> By default arc does not preserve history if memory serves me right but
> uses the summary field exclusively for the commit message.
> Hence you can go wild on your local branches (use what ever
> development model suites your needs) and get one final squashed commit
> with an extensive summary.
Sure, but this leads to generally unreviewable patches IMHO. In order to
stay sane I generally split up my work into a set of standalone patches
with git rebase and then create a Diff of each of these commits.
Phabricator supports this by having a notion of dependencies between
Diffs, but arcanist has no sensible scheme for taking a branch and
conveniently producing a series of Diffs.


- Ben

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