Improving the contributing to ghc experience

Moritz Angermann moritz at
Tue Sep 27 11:30:49 UTC 2016


as you all have seen over the last few days, making the
contributing to ghc experience easier for those who
have not yet contributed to ghc, is a topic of interest
to many of us.

I’d like to thank Edward Z. Yang for seizing the opportunity
to convince us to test drive the ghc-proposal process for this
as well.

Hence I went ahead and created the proposal with the help
of others!

So far it’s basically a small collection of what was mentioned
on the mailing list.  The hope is that facilitating the 
discussion though the ghc-proposal process would produce a
coherent set of proposed changes and help making this a reality.

I henceforth invite you to add your comments, critique and
suggestions to the proposal that can be found at


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