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Mon Sep 26 06:37:00 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I wanted to give my own thoughts/suggestions for things we could do on the short/medium term
To make things a bit better. As a whole I may be one of the few who likes the current setup so I 
Propose enhancing the current toolset.

I find the mail patch to mailing list approach of GCC et al quite cumbersome to be honest.
And the discussion quickly becomes hard to follow as it branches  lot.

My proposals (sorry for the brevity, I can expand if needed):

* Link phab to github
 Phabricator seems to have build in OAuth support.
 As you'll likely need a github account anyway, why not
 also support github logins? This would reduce the barrier of
 needing multiple accounts that is often a complaint.
 Would it be possible to maybe also extract the user's public
 key from github automatically? That would reduce one of the barriers as well.

* Link Trac to github
 - used to login (OAuth support)
 - readonly issues (to begin with?).
   we already have a code mirror, why not mirror more content.
 - sync issues back between the two
 - gives us an ability to see which github users an issue affects
   since they can then reference it.
 - updates the users when an issue is fixed since it will be closed on GH.
 - Gives us an indication of the importance of the tickets

 As a whole, I find Trac MUCH better for ticket triaging than Github or Phab,
 both of which seem to be quite bare and simple in what they provide. I am not
 in favor of ditching it. Also we have and continue to accept patches just uploaded
 to Trac as a diff. We tend to ask people to upload it to phab for better reviews
 and so it's attributed to them when we commit. Some don't (and we then do it ourselves),
 most due. If they don't need another login then I suspect almost all would.
 There's a (seemingly) actively maintained project that does all the above, could we leverage it?
* There is a trac plugin to generate a new section on trac
  /doc which allows you to render and edit documentations checked into repo.
  Could this be used to allow easier editing of non generated documentation?
  It's currently based on SVN, but maybe a git one exists too?

* Newcomers
 - Expose newcomers information more by creating a new landing page
 - Clean up build instructions. For windows, I have scripts to automate setup.
   Often heard complain is that it is hard, but never hear why it's hard.
   In any case, my setup script for a 100% unattended build env setup for Windows
   are here: https://github.com/Mistuke/GhcDevelChoco/releases
   These are entirely self contained environments that can be removed by a simple rm -rf /.
   You can have as many as you want on the same machine without them interfering with eachother
   or with whatever else you might have done to your GHC already installed.
   It's not 100% production ready but it works and does so well.

* Updated Phab reviewers list to be more automated
 - Assign reviewers next to the static list (as is currently done)
   to maybe also include significant contributors to that file?
   The reason for this is that currently it's always the same people reviewing patches.
   Their time is spread thin. Particularly on less popular platforms it basically comes
   down to 4 people.
* Update trac linters and pre-commit linters to be the same.
 - particularly reject summaries that would be rejected on commit.
   Often when I try landing patches (especially from others) I have to
   edit the summary. Maybe arc should reject the diff if a push would fail?
   Also I want to say I love the summary document you have to fill in.
   It ensures useful information is there later when I have to find out why
   a change was made. So whatever we do, don't remove this.

* Phab plugin to on signup ask for public key if none found.
 - It's recently been made a requirement to require a public key to push to phab.
   The error you get when you don't do this and try to push a patch is very very
   cryptic and unintuitive. Could we make a plugin that asks the user to upload
   a public key on trac if they haven't done so? Like a banner at the top?

* Automate trac tickets
 - Particular on new tickets post a friendly reminder that if they want they can give it a hand in fixing it themselves.
 - Parse information added, in particular check if reproduction steps are there etc.
 - If stack is used, kindly ask if a repo without can be used. The amount of bug reports with stack is increasing and regardless of my own opinion on the tool, these reports are not very useful as is.
 - Maybe automatically CC people from a pool based on the information in the ticket? I tend to miss tickets because my filters are quite strict. Generally if the ticket doesn't mention my name, is directed at me or has "Windows" in the body somewhere it will skip my inbox. I review filtered tickets only once a week.
 - If a newcomer assigns a ticket to themselves, have trac automatically post links to useful pages:
  * how to setup build environment.
  * how to get help
  * assign a mentor?
  * after x amount of time with no progress, remind them again that help is available

Kind Regards,
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