Notes from Ben's "contribute to ghc" discussion

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I’ll add some notes to extend the discussion to the mailing list.

Am Samstag, den 24.09.2016, 01:44 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones via
> ·        Make user manual into its own repo, to make it easier to
> take pull requests.  But that makes it harder when making
> synchronised changes to GHC and user manual.

I don’t think we need a separate repo in order to allow contributors to
easily build the manual on its own, and to accept contributions to via

> ·        Auto-push: Ability to push to Phab and have it committed
> automatically if it validates.


> ·        Have a GHC StackOverflow on   (Jacob Zalewski
> jakzale at offers to do this! – thank you).  It has a useful
> new Documentation feature.   Eg this would be good for “how do I look
> up a RdrName to get a Name… there seem to be six different functions
> that do that”.

Any reason not to use

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