Grand Plan for 8.0.2

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Sep 18 13:07:24 UTC 2016

Yitzchak Gale <gale at> writes:

> Are there any updates on 8.0.2? Thanks!
> To put things in the perspective of yesod-based commercial GHC users:
> Due to #12130, GHC 8 is useless to us until 8.0.2. So for us this is
> the most important GHC release in years.
At the moment I'm trying to work out some issues with merging #12466.
This is the last issue on my queue other than doing basic build testing
on the other architectures. Sadly next week I'll be at ICFP so it's
unlikely that much progress will be made until the following week.

> In our particular case, our products are now being held back in very
> concrete ways, because there are some critical libraries we can no
> longer update. The ecosystem has moved on to GHC 8, and we have been
> left behind.
Thanks for the data-point! It's very helpful for prioritization to know
these sorts of things. Don't hesitate to bring this up this sort of
thing early in the future.

> In anticipation of the release, and after the delay in the RC builds,
> we are now trying to compile GHC from source on multiple platforms
> just so that we can already start on all the infrastructure work we
> need to do for this major upgrade. That way we hopefully will be able
> to sprint from the gate as soon as there is an actual release. But
> obviously we would prefer to use RC builds for that.
> Thanks to all on the GHC team for all your great work!

Thanks Yitz!


- Ben
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