Add a signaling Nans rts option to ghc?

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at
Fri Sep 16 14:31:02 UTC 2016

Hello All!
I had some interesting conversations yesterday with a few folks and the
take away was that I might experiment with adding an off by default rts
flag that on applicable architectures that makes all floating point
computations that yield Nans signaling , plus mayve some HS side hooks to
enable or disable that per green thread if it doesn't harm no fib.  Kinda
like the way green threads track and save / restore the state of the magic
c error tracking variable

Would this be something folks would be open to adding once I hack it out?
Most modern CPUs have some built in support for this, but having better rts
integration might make things way nicer.  Plus part of the point of the
sheer diversity of Nans as per the IEEE report is to encode the nature of
the source of the nan error.  (There are other parts of IEEE that I think
should be ignored / we should change the behavior in a way that disagrees
with IEEE choices that hinder debugging and such )
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