Semantics of MVars and IORefs?

Iavor Diatchki iavor.diatchki at
Fri Oct 21 17:19:18 UTC 2016


recently, I and a few colleagues have been wondering about the interaction
between IORefs and MVars, and we can't seem to find any explicit
documentation stating the behavior, so I was wondering if anyone might know
the answer.

The question is:  is it safe to use IORefs in a multi-threaded program,
provided that the uses are within a "critical section" implemented with
MVars.  Here is a simple program to illustrate the situation: we have two
threads, each thread takes a lock, increments a counter, then releases the

> import Control.Concurrent
> import Data.IORef
> main :: IO ()
> main =
>   do lock    <- newMVar ()
>      counter <- newIORef 0
>      forkIO (thread lock counter)
>      thread lock counter
> thread :: MVar () -> IORef Integer -> IO a
> thread lock counter =
>   do takeMVar lock
>      value <- readIORef counter
>      print value
>      writeIORef counter (value + 1)
>      putMVar lock ()
>      thread lock counter

The question is if this program has a race condition or not, due to the use
of IORefs?  More explicitly, the concern is if a write to an IORef in one
thread is guaranteed to be seen by a read from the same IORef in another
thread, provided that there is proper synchronization between the two.

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