Better X87

Thomas Jakway tjakway at
Sun Oct 9 14:32:10 UTC 2016

I was looking through compiler/nativeGen/X86/Instr.hs 
and it's pretty hard not to notice the (hilarious) diatribe about the 
horror that is x87.

git log -p says this was apparently written in 2009 by 
Ben.Lippmeier at (92ee78e03c3670f56ebbbbfb0f67a00f9ea1305f).

Since this has survived in X86/ all this time I'm guessing this is still 
an issue (another guess: we've gotten by because of SSE?).  Is there any 
interest in improving x87 code generation? And if so, has anyone tried 

According to the comment there seems to be room for improvement. Sadly I 
don't think x87 is going away any time soon.

-Thomas Jakway

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