Type hole in pattern match

Ben Gamari ben at smart-cactus.org
Sat Oct 8 19:38:10 UTC 2016

Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at haskell.org> writes:

> For HEAD I get.   
> $ ghc -c Foo.hs
> Foo.hs:5:8: warning: [-Wpartial-type-signatures]
>     * Found type wildcard `_' standing for `Bool'
>     * In the type signature: foo :: _
> Not sure about the 8.0 branch. There may well be ticket(s) about this;
> worth a hunt, because it looks as if it's already fixed.
Sadly it looks like this issue is still present on ghc-8.0. A quick
search through Trac didn't turn up any compelling candidate fixes,
however. It looks like identifying the missing patch may require more


- Ben
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