GHC HEAD (built with itself) blows allocation stats :-(

Gabor Greif ggreif at
Mon May 30 13:16:07 UTC 2016

Thanks for the tip, Ben! I have just tried with ./validate and those
horrific stats are gone.

`$(MAKE) test` now also works. Apparently the thorough cleaning was
overdue. I'm fine with this.



PS: Out of sheer curiosity, what could have caused the hiccups?

On 5/30/16, Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:
> Gabor Greif <ggreif at> writes:
>> Hi devs,
>> I get some pretty bad allocation statistics when testing GHC HEAD. Not
>> sure why,
>> but this is with a stage-0 compiler that is also GHC HEAD. (I doubt
>> that that is the reason, though.)
> I presume this wasn't with ./validate. Have you tried ./validate?
> Cheers,
> - Ben

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