HEADS UP: running tests in /tmp and the `extra_files` setup function

Ben Gamari ben at smart-cactus.org
Tue May 17 19:02:15 UTC 2016

Thomas Miedema <thomasmiedema at gmail.com> writes:

> Hello GHC developers,
> the testsuite driver now runs each test in a temporary directory in /tmp,
> after first linking/copying all files that the test requires to that
> directory.
Hmm, it looks like the new paths rather clutter the testsuite summary
produced at the end of the run,

   /tmp/ghctest/jvZ6KB/1/2/3/./indexed-types/should_fail/T3330a  T3330a [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   /tmp/ghctest/jvZ6KB/1/2/3/./indexed-types/should_fail/T4174   T4174 [stderr mismatch] (normal)
   /tmp/ghctest/jvZ6KB/1/2/3/./indexed-types/should_fail/T4179   T4179 [stderr mismatch] (normal)

Perhaps we should strip off the root path from the test names?


- Ben
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