8.0.1 source tarballs available (yet again)

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Tue May 17 12:38:49 UTC 2016

tl;dr: We are giving this release another attempt. Cross your fingers
       and try building again.

Hello GHC packagers,

Thanks for your help in the last few days working through what were
hopefully the last issues in the release. I've uploaded a new set of
source tarballs at,


These tarballs are derived from,


This commit differs from the previous tarball in a number of ways,

 * a variety of packaging issues surrounding haddock's documentation
   have been fixed

 * the ghc-boot library has been split up. It was pointed out quite late
   that the previous structure of ghc-boot greatly increased the
   dependency footprint of the template-haskell package, which would
   have made it nearly impossible to upgrade the bytestring and binary

 * a pair of fixes for crashes on PowerPC have been merged

 * a patch addressing a serious performance issue in parallel garbage
   collection has been merged

 * the bytestring module has been bumped to, fixing a rather
   serious correctness issue on big-endian systems

We'll have the usual one-week build window for binary distributions.
As always, let either Austin or I know if you have any trouble building
your distribution. I have yet to push the ghc-8.0.1 tag in case we
encounter unexpected issues but all of my builds with this tarball
thusfar have gone quite well (then again, so did those of the previous

Good luck and thanks for all of your work!


- Ben
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