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Rahul Muttineni rahulmutt at
Thu Mar 31 07:06:01 UTC 2016

It seems to keep failing on all sub-directories of utils/. I manually

utils/*_dist-install_DEP_EXTRA_LIBS = rt util dl gmp m rt dl pthread

and the stage2 compiler built successfully after that. Has anyone else
faced this problem building the utils/* in commit 1757dd8? If so, I'll
submit a patch that adds on the 'pthread' to DEP_EXTRA_LIBS in the utils/

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 12:02 PM, Rahul Muttineni <rahulmutt at>

> Hi GHC Devs,
> Refer for a problem I was
> having when building with nix. The interesting part is that if I add an
> extra flag -optl-lpthread manually, the error goes away and the build
> succeeds. My question is why the build system didn't add the -optl-lpthread
> flag when libpthread was a requirement for that particular build?
> Thanks,
> Rahul Muttineni

Rahul Muttineni
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