Simple "Hello World" Warp-based web server crashes on Ubuntu x86_64

Anton Dessiatov anton.dessiatov at
Wed Mar 2 14:59:15 UTC 2016

Simon Peyton Jones have recently commented on #11665 (attoparsec one) 
and it looks like he has it well under control. Of course I would be 
glad to try reproducing that again if needed.

Talking about #11664 I think it's worth knowing that GHC 7.10.3 has some 
hard time compiling recent Warp, but the good point is that (supposedly) 
GHC 8.0 doesn't have this problem anymore, so the ticket could be 
relatively safely closed.

02.03.2016 20:50, Ben Gamari пишет:
> Anton Dessiatov <anton.dessiatov at> writes:
>> Ouch! Looks like I nailed down this one. Indeed that's my bad and that's
>> an infinite loop I have unwillingly created in
>> Network.Wai.Handler.Warp.Run.acceptConnection.
> Well, that being said, the various Core Lint issues that you found are
> quite concerning. It would be greatly appreciated if you could follow up
> with those (in particular the unresolved attoparsec issue).
>> Sorry for suspecting GHC failure where there is my fault.
> Quite alright; GHC certainly isn't infallible.
> Cheers,
> - Ben

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